Audit & Accreditation


Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Welder Qualification Records (WQR) are critical activities that determines the structural reliability of welded structures.

NIW-ANB offers services in the Witnessing of Welding Procedure Qualifications and Welder Qualification Tests to companies needing a Verification to Standards, Specification and or National Regulatory requirements in The Construction of Welding Structures. Standards to which witnessing activities are primarily referenced includes:

  1. ASME IX
  2. EN ISO 15614
  3. AWS D1-1
  4. ISO 9606: 1-5

NIW-ANB has successfully delivered Witnessing and Welder Examination Services to a number of major projects both onshore and offshore including Bonga FPSO and Egina FPSO respectively.

Tasks performed under NIW-ANB 3rd party services include; Witnessing of Mechanical Tests, Witnessing of Welding Qualification, Comparative Technical Review of Requirements covering Welding Codes and National Regulatory Requirements onsite client’s facilities.

Welding Consumables

Welding Consumables such as Welding Rods and Covered Electrodes need to undergo Testing to meet Specific Requirements for Welding in the Marine and Offshore industries. Filler metals listed in the Material Manufacturer Database are approved based upon tests conducted on each product represented by each manufacturing plant in accordance with standards established.

NIW-ANB requirements and procedures for the approval of filler metals are contained in the NIW-ANB Rules for Materials and Welding Qualification. These requirements which have been developed with reference to IIW Best Practices and other Technical Standards, establish Specific Applicable Details for the approval of filler metals for use in construction and fabrication activities.

A listing of all companies/suppliers approved by NIW-ANB for welding consumables can be found in the material manufacturer database.

Benefits of NIW-ANB Welding Consumables Approval

  1. Demonstrated quality to your customers
  2. Demonstrated compliance with international/national regulatory rules
  3. Searchable in the NIW-ANB Material Manufacturer Database and access to Maritime and Offshore Markets.

The required annual testing of welding consumables provides added assurance that your consumables meet the latest standards and requirements.