IWI - Comprehensive

International Welding Inspector — Comprehensive

A candidate completing the “Comprehensive” level of training under this programme shall possess an intimate knowledge of welding and inspection theory and application. This knowledge base will enable the candidate to perform the following tasks (in addition to the IWI-S and IWI-B):

  1. Manage the whole of the Welding Inspection activities;
  2. Supervise the activities of the IWI-S and IWI-B;
  3. Develop and provide instructions to IWI-S and IWI-B;
  4. Act as a technical expert for the Inspection function;
  5. Develop, comment and review Quality Control Plans and Inspection Testing Plans for applications not covered by product standards, codes, specifications, drawings and regulatory requirements;
  6. Manage inspection activities for non-conventional applications with reference to materials, processes, and advanced destructive testing and NDT techniques (see Section 1 for detailed information).
NIW Certification Pathway
NIW Certification Pathway


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