IWI - Basic

International Welding Inspector — Basic

A candidate completing the “Basic” level of training under this programme shall possess a general knowledge of welding and inspection application and theory. This knowledge base will enable the candidate to effectively perform the following tasks:

  1. Conduct direct unaided visual inspection to identify and evaluate welding imperfection according to acceptance criteria;
  2. Verify, witness and understand all welding related activities in fabrication, including (but not limited to) the following points:
  3. Verify the adequacy of information on NDT reports (VT, PT, MT, RT, UT) for conventional techniques;
  4. Verify data and adequacy of material certificates (base and filler materials);
  5. Verify identification and traceability of the materials during the fabrication process;
  6. Verify the compliance of raw materials and consumables against the applicable standards, codes and specifications;
  7. Verify the implementation of the WPS in production for conventional applications (e.g. arc welding processes, steels – see Section 1 for detailed information);
  8. Verify the implementation of PWHT specifications in production;
  9. Witness welder approval tests including testing of the specimens or test coupons;
  10. Witness production test coupons;
  11. Read and understand an Inspection Testing Plan;
  12. Read and understand the construction drawings in relation to inspection activities; and
  13. Report any of the above actions to a qualified supervisor.
NIW Certification Pathway
NIW Certification Pathway


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